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Wolfdenn Ep 15 4.6.17 NBA Extra Pass! Buy or Sell!

Wolfdenn Ep15

This week’s podcast is a “Director’s Cut” from last week’s show. Tom and Mike play “Buy or Sell” on all 30 NBA franchises. Would YOU purchase a specific team or run for the hills? Find out on this Wolfdenn!

Artists: Dr. Sparkles- I Like Wearing My Hi Tech BootsRyan Little- KYD

Wolfdenn Ep14 3.31.17 Gearing Up For NBA Playoffs

Wolfdenn Ep14

Tom is back with his good friend Mike to talk about the NBA in the home stretch as the playoffs approach. First, the two put to rest the issue of players sitting when they are healthy, then discuss the muddled playoff race in the east. Tom asks Mike which teams are contenders and which are pretenders, and then they finish with a discussion of the closest MVP race in years. You won’t want to miss this!

Music: Free Music Archive
Artist: Alex Mason- Scarlet Sails