Old Man Beer Night, A Truly Unique Tradition

Why sports traditions are important


(Facebook: Liberty Tavern Facebook)

Thursday, September 8th marks the start of the NFL Season. The first game is a rematch of Super Bowl 50, where the defending champions Denver Broncos will face off against Cam Newton and The Carolina Panthers. I’m pretty excited.


I’ll admit that seeing Cam Newton take on an incredible defense again has me giddy, but there’s something even more exciting happening for me tomorrow night: Watching the game during “Old Man Beer Night” at the Liberty Tavern in Union, NJ.


“Old Man Beer Night” takes place every year at the Liberty Tavern on the first day of the NFL season. The idea behind it is simple: getting together with your buddies to watch the NFL and drink “Old Man Beer,” such as Pabst Blue Ribbon, Old Milwaukee, Schaefer, Genesee, and more. For $2, you get a can of “Old Man Beer” (Bartender’s choice) and two White Castle Sliders. This will be my second consecutive year at “Old Man Beer Night,” a tradition my girlfriend’s father was happy to introduce me to last year. And boy, did I like it!

The charm of this tradition is “Going back to your roots” and drinking cheap, questionable beer at the Most Dive-ey of Dive Bars. The owners are proud of the dive status, as what looks like a house (Seriously) has been converted into a dingy, small little watering hole. Situated in Union NJ, it is not far from more affluent communities such as Morristown, Hoboken, and New York City. Most yuppies and hipsters would not be caught dead drinking here. But for certain people (Myself included), this bar is magical. Part of the thrill for me when I went last year was seeing Lawyers, Bankers, and IT Professionals all returning to a simpler time, when they drank really crappy beer as young adults in college. You can see their eyes light up as they react in horror to what they once drank. “Ballantines? This stuff was horrible!” they say with a smile as they order some more beers and sliders.


(Facebook: Liberty Tavern)

My girlfriend’s father and his friends have been going to “Old Man Beer Night” for years at this point, and they have great stories to tell about previous experiences at this bar and drinking exploits from college. No matter your age, anyone can relate to college days when it was difficult to afford a case of beer.

While this tradition is a new one for me when it comes to sports, it is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Bonding with friends and family over sports is a powerful experience and one of the best parts of being a fan. Everyone has unique traditions and rituals when it comes to sports, and each tradition carries meaning. “Old Man Beer Night” has become a great way to bond with my girlfriend’s father as we kick back some suds and talk about sports. No wives, no girlfriends, just a couple of guys drinking beer and watching football. What could be better?

Liberty Tavern Website: https://www.facebook.com/Liberty-Tavern-120465328036420/


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