Month: August 2016

On A-Rod And Big Papi

Two hall of famers, two very different legacies


(The Score)

Alex Rodriguez’s retirement announcement on Sunday was acknowledged by fans and media the same way his career had been received. There were plenty of yawns, murmurs of “Finally,” and remembrance of past embarrassments. There were poor puns such as “A-Roid,” and “A-Fraud” that had been a staple of Rodriguez’s persona for his entire career. There was talk of his first mega contract. There was discussion of his final contract. Very little fanfare was sent Rodriguez’s way.

Compare that to David Ortiz’s retirement announcement at the beginning of this season. Big Papi is about as beloved a baseball player as they come. He is a large, goofy, homerun hitter to just about everyone (Minus the Evil Empire), and a near saint figure on par with Tom Brady in Boston. Ortiz has been given the Mariano retirement tour package, as every last city he visits showers him with love, respect, and goofy and heartfelt sendoff gifts.

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Wolfdenn Ep 5 8.5.16 NBA Offseason Roundup

Wolfdenn Episode 5

On this weeks podcast Tom is joined by NBA Analyst Mike to talk about the NBA offseason as it hits a quiet period. Tom and Mike discuss winners and losers of free agency, sleeper teams, and make way too early playoff predictions. You won’t want to miss this slam dunk!

(Note recorded before Westbrook re-signed with Thunder)

Olym-Picking the Top Stories in Rio

Breaking down the 2016 Summer Olympics


1. The State of Brazil in 2016

This is a tough one to talk about, but Brazil in 2016 is in a bad, bad place. While the Olympics are a major sporting achievement for the best of the best, the host nations for these events are often the worst of the worst (See Sochi Winter Games). Unfortunately, Rio Brazil is no exception. Among worrying reports of suspected terrorism, violent crimes, and the Zika Virus all running rampant around the country, conditions are expected to be horrible. One report suggests that swimmers will literally be swimming in human feces, and another says swimmers only need to swallow three teaspoons of water to contract a virus. How the hell was Rio selected to host this event? This seems like a disaster on all levels. Of course, we wish the best for all athletes and spectators, but the odds will not be in anyones favor as they live in this country the next few weeks.

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